The Future of Work with Dom Price

By now you may have figured out how much Mike loves sci-fi.  So, you can imagine how excited he was when he looked out the window when setting up for this shoot with Dom Price to see the set from The Matrix.  Can you recognise it? (Mike’s even guilty of a bit of Neo role play – see pic below)

Dom Price is the Sydney-based work futurist at Atlassian, Australia’s leading software company. We’re not sure why the Matrix set is outside their office window.  Dom is originally from the UK but now calling Australia home. 

He’s a popular public speaker who’s passionate about the future of work and unleashing the power of teams.

He thrives on innovation, shifting paradigms, diversity of thought and culture.

“The only way to change effectively is to change for tomorrow.” Dom Price 

He’s also very tall! Or is Mike very short?  If you look at the interview with Thimon De Jong you might be starting to believe Mike is vertically challenged, but no, Dom is really tall! And so is Thimon, but that’s a different episode.

So, what is the future of work? Goodbye 9-5, hello flexible working?

Mike and Dom sat down to discuss how to challenge traditional norms around work, unlearning to learn, and how to build the best organisations of the future. Dom’s ideas and insights will defiantly leave you thinking about how to bring your workplace into the future.

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Mike Hill as Neo from The Matrix