The Future of Work with Dom Price 

If anything, the COVID-19 pandemic caused the future of work to arrive a lot earlier than expected. Are our new routines of video meetings, remote messaging and flexible hours here to stay? 

It’s hard to predict the future amidst a global crisis but this episode of Futurists World with Dom Price, was actually produced before the pandemic took hold of our lives. And Dom’s insights on what’s ahead for our working lives proved truly prophetic, especially during these troubling times. 

Who is Dom Price? 

Originally from the UK but now calling Australia home, Dom Price is a Sydney-based work futurists at Atlassian, Australia’s leading software company. He’s also a popular public speaker, who is passionate about the future of work and unleashing the power of teams. He thrives on innovation, shifting paradigms, diversity of thought and culture.

Dom is also very tall! Or is Mike very short?  If you look at the interview with Thimon De Jong you might be starting to believe Mike is indeed of shorter stature, but no, Dom is just really tall!  And so is Thimon, but that’s a different episode.

When Mike met Dom 

When Mike sat down with Dom to discuss how to challenge traditional norms around work, he never expected to look out the window and be greeted by the set of The Matrix. If you haven’t figured it out by now, Mike loves science fiction, so he was buoyed by this discovery. (Mike’s even guilty of a bit of Neo role play – see pic below). We’re still not sure why The Matrix set is outside Atlassian’s office, but see if you can spot in the episode. 

Now, back to work! 

So, what is the future of work and how on earth do we prepare for it? 

While the technology to facilitate remote or ‘future’ style working has been around for at least a decade, most businesses didn’t embrace it until 2020. 

Sure, some manager’s may have offered their staff the option to ‘work from home’ here and there, or adjust their hours around an odd appointment, but for the corporate worker at least, the standard 9-5 set up has been difficult to shake. 

But in most sectors, the jobs we do and how we perform them are evolving – and at a rapid pace. According to Dom, businesses that are prepared to accept change and adapt their strategies will be best positioned to thrive. 

Of course, he also thinks work has been changing for a long time. Not just the environment, but the skills and attitudes needed to be a competent worker. 

Is it time to say goodbye to 9-5 and hello to flexible working? 

Dom considers four aspects when he talks about the future of work: 

• People – skillset, mindset, leadership capabilities 

• Place – physical environment 

• Product – technology 

• Practises – human-to-human interaction 

He says that oftentimes, companies will pick one or two of these and forget about the rest, The true future-fit organisations will be the ones who get all four congruent.  

Dom knows cooperative remote working is possible if the right people are employed, the best practises are introduced and appropriate technology is available. He’s been operating this way for years. 

With teams distributed across different countries and time-zones, Dom’s sense is that individuals will need to establish the discipline to work the right hours – not all hours. And employers will need to afford their staff the autonomy to do so. 

Will AI take over the workplace? 

Dom says it’s true that automation is acquiring the simple and mundane tasks from human workers, but by doing so, we’re actually being left with more work. According to Dom, as routine activities dwindle for humans, there is space for us to engage with more complex duties. And although these projects might be creative and stimulating for our minds, they require a lot of time and commitment. 

We know what you’re thinking – aren’t robots meant to make our lives easier, not add extra stress or further hours to our work day? It really isn’t all bad news. If this topic interests you, make sure you watch the Futurists World episode titled: Will robots take my job?

Do we need to give up on the idea of ‘work/life balance’? 

To put it simply, yes. Dom says he gave up on it years ago and doesn’t actually believe the two exist on a spectrum at all. 

He thinks we need to make a conscious decision to choose work and life, and keep the equations separate. 

It is crucial that we maintain a disciplined distance between the two. Many of us are aware that we could work twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and still not accomplish everything on our ‘to do’ lists. And given devices make us accessible at all hours of the day, ‘switching off’ is often impossible. 

Which is why Dom says we must learn to recognise how best to distribute our energy between our ‘work’ selves and our ‘relaxed’ selves. 

In fact, he commonly asks himself, “How do I make the best use of my time and energy ?” But never, “How do I do as much as possible?”

The future of work is here

The world is in a midst of significant transformation when it comes to work and many organisations are needing to rethink how they operate day-to-day. 

If you’re a business owner, manager or employee, Dom’s ideas will definitely leave you thinking about how to bring your workplace into the future. 

You can watch the episode here or if this conversation isn’t enough you can tune into the full episode on the Futurists.World podcast.And be sure to subscribe on YouTube and sign up so you don’t miss any episodes in future. 

Thanks again for joining us – the future is out there! 

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