There’s no doubt that the internet has expanded the advertiser’s tool kit. New platforms and targeting capabilities are popping up all the time. And we know you’ve asked yourself more than once if Facebook is listening to your conversations  … or mining your mind. 

In short, ads are everywhere. But what’s next? 

It’s difficult to make a prediction about the future of advertising when technologies are changing so quickly, so Mike recruited one of the best in the business to help him reckon with it. 

Scott Nowell is a founding partner and Chief Creative Officer of leading Australian creative agency The Monkeys. 

Scott has helped some of the biggest brands thrive in a crowded landscape, including Telstra, Ubank, IGA and Blackmores. He has also created award-winning campaigns for Meat and Livestock Australia and is passionate about using advertising to build a more inclusive society. 

According to Scott, trust is the biggest thing a brand must project through advertising. It’s no longer possible for ad agencies to craft a fleeting identity for a brand.

He says that the truth will always win when it comes to building trust – and making sales.

Even if an ad features a hologram shark a la Back to the Future, if it doesn’t feel authentic for consumers, they’ll simply look away.

Scott told Mike that while AR, VR and 3D will continue to transform how we receive advertising, its core purpose – to persuade – reminds in tact.

What has shifted is the way consumers interpret brands. It’s no longer enough to simply sell – brands must stand for something too. 

In fact, Scott says that; “Brands have the ability, now more than ever before, to change society.” 

So advertising can shape the world we want? Well, maybe. 

What Scott knows for sure is this: if brands consider their purpose for putting something out there, they will they really be use advertising as a means to leave a lasting impression in the hearts and minds of consumers. Sold? Watch the full episode to hear more of Scott’s insights. 

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