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Mike Hill the host of Futurists World has been very busy this past year interviewing futurists and thought leaders from all over the globe.


To help move humanity forward by expanding the minds of our audience with new ideas, big thinking and most importantly to inspire us with visions of possible futures.

Mike’s interviewed countless extraordinary humans with amazing visions of the future.  One thing they all have in common.  They’ve all lost faith in the ability of our political leaders to deliver on that vision.

So there’s something very wrong with this picture. We know the answers to a lot of the world’s most pressing problems but we’re limited in our ability to effectively act on the solutions.

And for those of you within democratic societies, this is at least partly our fault. Why? Because our tribes continue to elect leaders who fail to offer actionable, long-term plans for a better future.

This series is a chance to help make futurism part of the Zeitgeist.
Reach out and let us know what you’re interested in or what keeps you up at night?
What are you curious about?
Who do you want us to connect with?

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Thanks again for joining us. The future is out there. See ya next time on Futurist.World.