The Future of Technology with Gerd Leonhard

Will technology bring about the end of capitalism?  And do you consider the intelligence of a machine to be similar to that of a human?

Are we really living in the Matrix….

After pondering the virtue of the red pill v the blue pill on the plane.  Mike landed in Zurich and headed to Gerd Leonhard’s to unpack the relationship human’s have with technology and where it’s going.

Gerd Leonhard is definitely to man to ponder these questions with.  Gerd’s a world-leading futurist, author, musician and digital entrepreneur.

“We should embrace technology but not become technology.” Gerd Leonhard

In his latest book ‘Technology vs Humanity’ Gerd boldly peers into the future, and as a visionary in this area has totally flipped the script on the future of work, AI and digital ethics.

Mike asked Gerd,

“So, you have a book called, “Technology vs. Humanity.” Who’s going to win? Technology or humanity?”


“What are the main technological trends that are happening right now that are going to change the world over the next five to eight years?”

In this interview you’ll learn all about how the line between human and machine is getting very blurred and how technology could completely change our way of life in the not to distant future.  4 hour work week anyone?

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