Landing July 23, 2020

The Future of Artificial Intelligence with Narjis Hilale

It was a beautifully clear afternoon in Geneva when Mike arrived at the location for Narjis Hilale’s interview.

Narjis has 15 years of global expertise in strategy and insights. She’s is a global citizen having grown up in Morocco, Switzerland and Indonesia, studying in France and Canada, and working in Singapore, Morocco and France.

Narjis is the author of the Women’s Essential’s Box for the Corporate World and an Adjunct Professor at the International University in Geneva.

Mike was looking forward to sitting down with Narjis to gain a better understanding of the future of artificial intelligence.  What does the future of AI look like?

So with a light breeze blowing through the window and the sun streaming in, Narjis relaxed into answering Mike’s many questions.

“The future is humans and robots so let’s hold hands together and work together so that we can make sure it’s more of an equal world tomorrow.” Narjis Halile

That there could be a future where we’ve finally overcome gender inequality is reassuring. But are we plunging head-on into a future where those same struggles and will play out between humans and robots instead?

“We as humans tend to overestimate the impact of the changes of the technology in the short term but in the long run we underestimate them” Narjis Halile

This interview will have you thinking about how bias data is creating bias algorithms, what it means to ‘own’ the data, and how we should be considering the role of AI in our future.

And if this conversation isn’t enough you can tune into the full episode on the Futurists.World podcast.

In this episode Mike asks:

01:28 Let’s just take it right back to the start. What is AI?
01:55 Your thought leadership in this area really grabbed my attention – around how gender neutral, or not, AI is. Can you tell me a bit more about that?
02:40 What sort of bias comes into that data?
03:27 So what does that mean in terms of the output? If we have bias coming in, what does that mean for the world beyond the AI?
04:21 How do we go bout future-proofing society so that we’re building equality into these machines, so that they can help us in the future? 06:23 How do we protect ourselves in a world where data is such a key commodity?
07:22 Do we know what we’re getting ourselves into by giving away this data? Do we need a new system for consent?
07:50 Yes, so we have men and women on one side and we have robots or AI on the other side and you have a dystopian view. What is the future of AI?
09:49 There are far more men who are in this field of futurism than women. Is there more a role for more women to get into this and possibly even a feminist perspective on the future?
10:58 Do you think AI can be a force for good, allowing us to sort of leapfrog effect so that equality can happen faster?
12:05 So when you think about the future is there anything in science fiction or popular culture that inspires you or terrifies you?
13:40 What is the future of AI looking like from your standpoint?
15:01 For women and girls watching this, what’s your message to them? What would you like to say in terms of their participation in conversations like this?

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