Author and futurist Bob Johansen speaks to Mike Hill and a young person about the future of the future.

Younger generations are facing several overlapping challenges; the climate emergency, the casualisation of the workforce and the expanding gap between rich and poor are just a handful.

So have you ever wondered how they consider their future?

It’s something the Futurists World team has been thinking about for a while. In this special episode of Futurists World, host Mike Hill chats virtually with US based thought-leader Bob Johansen and Australian schoolboy Om. Bob is a Distinguished Fellow at the Institute of the Future in Silicon Valley, California.

He lives his life 10 years ahead and for the past three decades, he has been helping organisations across the globe prepare for the future. Bob has also written several books including, The New Leadership Literacies, Leaders Make the Future and Full-Spectrum Thinking, which was released in March 2020.

According to Bob, young people who became adults in 2010 or later are more ready for the future than any generation before them.

And the younger they are, the more different their perception of what’s possible is. So what about people actually born in 2010?

Om is is 10 year old student from Melbourne, Australia. He is what Bob calls a ‘digital native’; someone on the leading edge of the ‘Youthquake’ generation. Om loves spending time with his family and friends (including Mike’s son Jack), gaming, superheroes and playing cricket.

But what does he think about the future?

In this conversation (held in 2020 fashion – via Zoom), Mike asks Bob how digital natives can best prepare for the world of tomorrow. As society tackles an alarming number of existential challenges like climate change, globalisation and the shift in work culture, what advice can elders like Bob give to digital natives? And what wisdom can Om offer Bob?

This is an insightful and unexpected discussion, which will help you see the future through the eyes of a young person.

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