Gerd Leonhard

Swiss-German futurist and author Gerd Leonhard rebooted with Mike Hill to deconstruct The Future of Technology.

Jack Delosa

Australian educational entrepreneur Jack Delosa skipped class with Mike Hill to pore over The Future of Education.

Dr James Beacham

Swiss-American CERN particle physicist Dr James Beacham crashed into Mike Hill to traverse The Future of Time.

Ashla Rani

Indian activist Ashla Rani caught up with Mike Hill to grasp The Future of Being Differently Abled.

Is gender equality possible?

Is gender equality really possible?

Join Mike Hill as he chats with Shivani Gopal, Narjis Hilale, Dom Price, Katherine Boiciuc and Aarathi Krishnan to contemplate the future of gender equality. 

Hard or soft skills in the future?

Will hard or soft skills be more important in the future?

What skills will we need to build on in a rapidly changing work environment? 

The Future of The Future with Bob and Om The Future of The Future YT thumb

The Future of The Future with Bob Johansen and Om

In this special episode of Futurists World, host Mike Hill chats virtually with US based thought-leader Bob Johansen and Australian schoolboy Om.

The Future of Entertainment

The Future of Entertainment

Is the future of entertainment in jeopardy or are we are on the edge of a new beginning? 

Shivani Gopal

Indian-Australian feminist entrepreneur Shivani Gopal met up with Mike Hill to calculate The Future of Wealth.

Dom Price

British-Australian futurist Dom Price clocked in Mike Hill to forecast The Future of Work.

Narjis Hilale

Moroccan author Narjis Hilale joined Mike Hill to decode The Future of Artificial Intelligence.

Australian Palliative Care leader Dr Mark Boughey connected with Mike Hill to shine a light on The Future of Dying.

Dr Mark Boughey

Australian Palliative Care leader Dr Mark Boughey connected with Mike Hill to shine a light on The Future of Dying.

Futurists World is mental health getting better or worse?

Is mental health getting better or worse?

Watch on as Dom Price, Thimon de Jong, Dr Rob Grenfell and Dr Robert Puff talk the future of mental health.

Is there a positive future?

Is there hope for a more positive future?

From an economic reckoning, to a leadership shift and people born after the turn of the millennium, these thought leaders are making us believe the future is bright.

Futurists World sci fi

How can science fiction influence the future? Part 3

Gerd Leonhard, Katherine Boiciuc, Narjis Hilale and Dr Mark Boughey share some of their favourite sci fi stories.

The Future of Diversity

The Future of Diversity with Vanessa Mason and Yul Anderson

On this latest episode, Mike speaks to Yul Anderson and Vanessa Mason about the future of diversity. 

Dr Robert Puff

American celebrity psychologist Dr Robert Puff levitated with Mike Hill to unpack The Future of Happiness.

Dr MR Rajagopal

Celebrated Indian healer Dr MR Rajagopal checked in with Mike Hill to examine The Future of Healthcare.

Jamais Cascio

American futurist and author Jamais Cascio checked in with Mike Hill to explore The Future of Society.


Katherine Boiciuc

Leadership guru Katherine Boiciuc touched base with Mike Hill to illuminate The Future of Leadership.

Futurists World is the education system outdated

Is the education system outdated?

Is now the time to overhaul our education system entirely?

Futurists World sci fi

How can science fiction influence the future? Part 1

Dr Rob Grenfell, Shivani Gopal and Dr Robert Puff share their favourite sci fi films. 

Scott Nowell The Future of Advertising

Scott Nowell

Advertising expert Scott Nowell chats to Mike Hill about The Future of Advertising

The Future of Travel

The Future of Travel with Dr Rob Grenfell and Rohit Talwar

Have you been wondering what the future of travel will look like in a COVID-normal world?

Aarathi Krishnan

Swiss-Australian thought leader Aarathi Krishnan called on Mike Hill to probe The Future of Humanitarianism.

Thimon de Jong - The Future of Human Behaviour

Thimon de Jong

Dutch futurist Thimon de Jong connected with Mike Hill to delve into The Future of Human Behaviour.

Dr Rob Grenfell

Australian CSIRO Health Director Dr Rob Grenfell consulted with Mike Hill to diagnose The Future of Health.

Futurists World will robots take my job?

Will robots take my job?

Mike Hill chats with Gerd Leonhard, Dom Price, Jamais Cascio, Thimon de Jong, Rob Grenfell and Narjis Hilale, and asks: Will robots take my job?

15 visions for the future

What will the future look like? 15 visions.

Watch closely as 15 futurists reveal what they think the future might look like. 

Futurists World sci fi 2

How can science fiction influence the future? Part 2

Jack Delosa, Aarathi Krishnan, Thimon de Jong and Dr James Beacham share a few of their favourite pieces of science fiction. 

The Future of Humanity

The Future of Humanity with Katherine Boiciuc and Zoltan Istvan

Is the world becoming more democratised or less? Is modern monetary theory fact or fiction? Is equality something we should be striving for at all? This time we’re tackling one of the biggest topics – the future of humanity. 


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“In 30 steps, that’s roughly 40 years, the world will be one billion times as different as today.”

– Gerd Leonhard

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