The Future of Happiness with Dr Robert Puff.

Is humanity getting happier as we progress through time?

It’s hard to answer yes to that question if you’re watching the news! 

Dr Robert Puff is an amazing human and the world’s preeminent happiness expert.  He’s the mentor everyone needs.  An Internationally recognised clinical psychologist and happiness expert with a super-popular podcast called Happiness Podcast .

“So we can have beautiful lives, but we have to be the ones that proactively make that happen. No one else.” Dr Robert Puff

So while Mike was in Southern California he took a direct detour from Disneyland, arguably the ‘Happiest place on Earth’, to sit down with Dr Puff and ask him the secrets behind living well in the modern world.

Time is precious and with so many topics to unpack, Mike dove right in to ask,

“Is humanity getting happier as we progress through time?”

“What’s the best way to monitor and maintain our happiness?”


“What does the future of happiness look like?”

Ok, ok, the burning question is “Disneyland, is it really the happiest place on Earth?”  So Mike asked Dr Puff that as well and his answer might surprise you.

You can see the episode right here on this page, or if you like to listen or want to hear the extended interview,  you can jump over to the Futurists.World podcast.

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