Landing 20 August 2020

Do you ever wonder about your own mortality? Or maybe you give great thought to your own death. Is dying ‘well’ something that ever crosses your mind?

If you’re nodding along to these questions, this episode is for you.

But we live in a death defying society, so perhaps you don’t contemplate death at all.  Maybe you’re wondering if death will continue to be inevitable in the future….

To unravel The Future of Dying, host Mike Hill spoke with Dr Mark Boughey, the Director of Palliative Medicine at St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne, Australia.

Mark is an active participant in the worldwide movement to advance palliative care and implement new end-of-life pathways.

‘If you want to feel valued and understood at the end of your life, you need to feel safe’

Dr Mark Boughey

While Mark deals in death every day, he is anything but morose and miserable. In fact, living in the shadow of mortality has actually enhanced his lived experiences, which is something Mike has become intrigued by since first meeting Mark almost 10 years ago.

We think this episode on The Future of Dying brings a new and assuring angle to a usually dark topic.

So, get ready to throw of your shackles – it’s time to ponder the big questions with Dr Mark Boughey.

In this episode Mike asks:

01:18 –  How much has dying changed over the years?
01:53 –  Now our friend, Dr. Raj has been part of this series as well and he talks about the differences that have happened in India around dying as more medical technology has become available there. Are you also seeing that trend in Australia and elsewhere?
02:38 – Do you think some medical technology is getting in the way? How do we find that balance between the need for medical technology to improve life towards the end of life and actually having a good experience of it?
03:23 – So when you think about the future of dying, is the palliative care movement part of that story for you?
03:55 – What does a good death mean to you?
04:49 – So how do you find being around people at the end of their life so frequently?
05:49 – Do you give much thought to your own death?
06:53 – I often hear people say that thinking about dying brings a great perspective to their life. Do you find that with your own work and those that you work with?
08:39 – So can you tell me about control and dying and how you find those two dynamics playing?
09:45 – So we’re talking today about the future of dying. How does this idea of assisted dying fit into the future of dying for you? Is it inevitable? What does it actually mean?
10:56 – I’d like to talk to you about the controversial topic of opioids for a moment.  I understand that opioids are used quite a lot in palliative medicine in bringing comfort to patients that have advanced disease. Can you tell me about that? And in terms of access to opioids going forward in the future, how might that relate to the future of dying worldwide?
12:45 – Are there other innovations that are happening that you think are propelling us into the future?
14:25 – When we talk about the future of dying, the future is don’t die. So what is happening in this space?
16:08 – And in terms of life extension, do you see much happening in this space?
17:27 – When you think about this future of dying, is there some vision of the future that actually resonates with you?
19:13 – If I ask you to project forward into the future to wrap this up for us, what would you hope is on the horizon in terms of improving the future of dying for people around the world?

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Thanks for listening and remember … the future is out there!


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