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The Future of Healthcare with Dr MR Rajagopal

Legendary humanitarian, healer and thought-leader, Dr MR Rajagopal is arguably the most-decorated doctor in the world, including being a recipient of the Padma Shri, India’s third highest civilian honour, and a Nobel Peace Prize Nominee.

“Dr Raj” is the subject of the recent award-winning, Amazon Prime feature documentary Hippocratic.

As a young man, he was a gifted student and fell into medicine. His great love was for literature.

His illustrious career began in anaesthesiology until a pivotal mid-career experience involving the suicide of one of his patients led him to discover palliative care.

Since then Raj has become one of the most outspoken voices calling for fundamental changes in access to essential pain medicines, like morphine.  He is the founder of Pallium India, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to integrating palliative care into the healthcare system across India.

He has led a rallying cry for modern medicine and the health care system to not only treat disease but also to focus on treating people, and the suffering they’re experiencing.

Mike has known Dr Raj for a number of years and visited him in his home town of Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala, India multiple times as well as crossing paths in numerous countries over the years.  This time Mike was able to sit down with Dr Raj in Durban, South Africa.

Healthcare may not be something you think about much except for when you need it or when you’re considering private health insurance. Do you have it? Do you want it? Can you get it or not?

In this interview, you’ll get a whole new perspective on the issue.  When did healthcare become a ‘system’?  Are advancements in technology actually destroying lives?

If you want to search a specific topic you can skip to the time code in this episode where Mike asks Dr Raj:

1:41 – What is health? How do you define it?
3:54 – So if the WHO definition of health is 70 years old, are we getting closer or further away from that goal?
5:48 – How do you bring love into healthcare?
07:08 – Are advancements in medical technology helping or hindering? 
08:07 – When you think about the future of healthcare, what does it look like, what should we be shooting for?
8:55 – Is there something to be learned from those very first principles of ethical medicine?
09:40 – How equitable do you think advancements in healthcare technology will be?
10:51 – What gives you hope for the future of healthcare?
14:07 – For some people, their vision of the future is never dying and living forever – by being some sort of cyborg or having non-biological aids keep you going. How does that vision of the future sit with you?
15:17 – When you think about the future of healthcare worldwide, how important is changing the way that we access certain types of medicines?
16:30 – When you look forward to the future of healthcare, are you feeling optimistic or pessimistic?

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