Landing 6 August, 2020

What do we do about our ageing population? And growing body parts, what’s that about?

Are we going to live forever?

On this week’s episode, Mike sits down with Dr Rob Grenfell who is the Director of Health and Biosecurity at the CSIRO, Australia’s leading scientific research organisation. He is also a health activist and visionary, and began his career as a country doctor.

Mike and Rob have known each other for many years and in this eye opening conversation, they discuss everything from wearable tech to human life expectancy and how AI is helping us create healthier habits.

“We’re starting to take mental health management straight to you.”

Dr Rob Grenfell

Rob’s insights, particularly around the risks of pandemics, turned out to be truly prophetic.

In these current times, we need science more than ever to safeguard the future of our health. We know some of you will watch this episode from your homes while in lockdown due to COVID-19. We hope exploring the beautiful mind of Dr Rob Grenfell leaves you feeling a little less alone.

In this episode Mike asks:
01:28 Where is health going? Are we going to live forever?
02:06 So what’s the future looking like? I’ve got one of these things on my wrist, which is a device that helps me monitor my health to a very limited extent. Are we going to see more of that type of thing?
03:03 Where do you see wearable tech going? 
04:46 We’ve got a massive obesity issue and it’s growing. How are we going to deal with that going into the future?
06:16 How important is it that we share our health data with our GP?
08:35 What about when it comes to extending our lives? Where do you sit with that?
09:55 Isn’t it partly terrifying thinking about age extension in terms of decades? Isn’t there a whole sustainability side of the coin that we need to be conscious of?
11:53 Does science fiction play a role in here? 
13:32 To summarise, what is the future of health? What do you think the most dramatic vision of the future of health is?
14:04 So there might be real-time diagnostics to prevent bad health? Will it be less about treatment and more about prevention?
14:29 What about when things do go wrong and you need a transplant. Do you look at things like growing body parts?
14:47 What are organoids?
16:00 I saw in your report that there’s quite a bit happening in terms of diagnostics and helping people deal with mental health issues. Is that true?

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