Landing July 9, 2020

The Future of Human Behaviour with Thimon de Jong

If technology is bringing our physical and digital worlds closer together, how will this impact the way we interact with each other?

So much ground to cover and Mike didn’t hold back with the questions for Dutch Futurist Thimon de Jong.

Mike was interested in meeting Thimon as they both started their careers in similar fields.  Mike studied journalism and cut his teeth producing documentaries on youth culture.  Thimon also started in journalism. And as subculture enthusiast, it led him to the role of editor-in-chief of Reload, Hollands leading youth culture magazine.

Thimon is now an expert in the strategic business impact of future human behaviour and societal change. He’s an internationally renowned keynote speaker and leadership trainer.

How is technology changing our behaviour at dinner?

Where will new jobs come from?

Did anyone predict the rise and rise of the nail technician?

What is design bias and what safeguards need to be put in place when it comes to AI?

Mike was able to visit Thimon in his home town of Amsterdam before this horrible pandemic stopped anyone going anywhere!

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Some trivia that might interest you, the average Dutchman is 183cm (6ft) tall.  Scientists have even tried to answer the question on why Dutch people are so tall.  When you watch this video you’ll be forgiven if you’re starting to think Mike is quite vertically challenged, especially if you just watched the episode on The Future of Work with Dom Price.  We’re actually going to ask Dom if he is of Dutch descent?  Rest assured, Mike is a man of average height! Dom and Thimon are just really tall.

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